Instagram shows visual refresh of colors, font and logo

Instagram announced in a blog post that it is “bringing new energy and purpose to our colors, font, logo, and other brand assets with a refreshed visual identity.” The image-focused social media platform further explained that “our new system is designed to embrace continuous evolution to help us create more immersive and inclusive experiences for our community.”

In slightly less “marketing” terms, the visual refresh effectively consists of the three parts of (a) a new font for the app with the name Instagram Sans; (b) a new layout and design system; and (c) a new logo incorporating moving color gradients.

Not all changes have an obvious practical application for users; we’re not entirely sure, for example, how users and creators are supposed to use the mobile gradient logo. Still, Instagram seems quite enthusiastic about it, exclaiming that the gradient has been “reimagined using an innovative 3D modeling process”, while vibrant colors have been used to “make it illuminated and alive, and to signal moments of discovery”.

The new Instagram Sans font, meanwhile, has a more obvious practical use; we love how global accessibility was such a priority in its creation, with Instagram explaining that it “partnered with language experts around the world to adapt the typeface to global scripts, including Arabic, Thai and Japanese”.

Finally, what about the new layout and design system? Instagram said it was “forward-thinking and celebrates creativity, simplicity and self-expression.” We’re further told in the blog post that “the new marketing layouts for Instagram feature full-screen images, reference the in-app experience, and celebrate the creativity we see every day in our community. “.

All this is very interesting, but not necessarily for everyone, with the iMore The website’s Oliver Haslam being a watcher for questioning Instagram’s priorities, given the continued lack of an iPad app. In his own words, “Does an icon really refresh if there are no iPad users to see it?”

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