Inverness Musical Theater’s Legally Blonde Eden Court stage show gets legal aid from local law firm Munro & Noble

One of the scene’s best-known fictional lawyers receives support from her real-life Highland counterparts ahead of her Eden Court appearance.

Based on Reese Witherspoon’s 2001 hit comedy, the musical version of Legally Blonde is produced by local amateur company Inverness Musical Theatre.

Starring is Natalie Sutherland as Elle Woods, who ditches her laid-back Southern California lifestyle to study at Harvard Law School and reveals an unexpected flair for the legal profession.

Given the subject matter, it was an obvious choice for legal support and has now received sponsorship from Inverness law firm Munro & Noble.

Five of the Church Street firm’s seven partners are women, which remains an unusual proportion in the legal profession.

Partner Mary Nimmo – who, like star Natalie, is from the village of Helmsdale – said: “We were really delighted to be able to support Inverness Musical Theatre.

“It’s great that a local theater company can put on a production of this magnitude at Eden Court. We’ve already made a group booking and are going to host a team party – we can’t wait!

While not the most authentic view of the American legal system, since its release Legally Blonde has been credited with encouraging more young women to consider a career in law, with star Reese Witherspoon saying that at least once a week, she meets a woman who tells her that she was inspired to go to law school by Elle’s story. This is something Munro & Noble can endorse.

“We take our recruitment responsibilities seriously. We do a lot of internships and regularly take on interns and do our best to ensure gender equality in terms of recruitment and salaries,” added Mary.

Legally Blonde takes place at the Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, from Wednesday 30 March to Saturday 2 April.

Inverness Musical Theater celebrates its sponsorship deal with the town’s pub, Johnny Foxes, for the upcoming production of Legally Blonde – The Musical at Eden Court

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