Las Vegas’ Oldest Dinner Show Returns for a Week | MORE entertainment in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – The Marriage Can Be Murder Murder Mystery Dinner Show returns for a week in a row, their first production in two years.

Producers Jayne and Eric Post have said they are excited to perform at The Orleans Inside The Venue from December 26 to January 2.

They started in Las Vegas 22 years ago at the Showboat. For 12 years, they played seven nights a week. When the pandemic hit, they turned to side jobs.

Jayne Post has organized events at various casinos and was a tournament host for 19 years for MGM Resorts properties. Eric Post’s side work included flooring, security work, and some editing and film work.

They had pop-up shows and briefly went virtual, but Eric Post said it was difficult to get people to pay enough for it to be doable.

Jayne Post said they always had fun with it.

“We killed someone with a killer hornet through a Roomba that was delivered via Amazon because I had to kill people so we killed them virtually so that was great,” she said.

They have worked a lot and even if they are happy to be back for a week, they are not going to come forward.

“I’m so excited, but I’m recycling because it’s only been a week at the moment and then we’ll see where it goes, but once we find out what we need to find out, I’ll be like a firecracker just came out, ”Jayne Post said.

Marriage can be murder

The two said they wanted to provide attendees with an interactive night for a laugh.

“The individuals, the people who come to visit us sometimes, they are more interesting and more amazing than the team that we have, so we try to showcase them and I think people like that, to feel like the stars. “she said.

Eric Post said he was grateful for the team who stayed with them.

“Most of my employees have worked with me for over 10 years. And they are loyal and I haven’t been able to give them a lot of work over the past two years and that they are still with me on this part, that makes me very proud, “he said. .

Tickets for the show which starts on Sunday can be found here.

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