Make brand and retail touchpoints smarter with customer data

As we progress through Industry 4.0, there is more data than ever before. Modern technologies allow businesses to interact with consumers in more personalized and targeted ways while leveraging next-generation analytics tools to make smarter, faster decisions on internal and external touchpoints.

McDonald’s and IBM partner for hhyper-personalized drive-thru experience
IBM brings an innovative suite of next-generation automated order-taking (AOT) technology to the McDonald’s drive-thru experience. Leveraging customer data to optimize the shopping experience, the new AOT recognizes customer license plates to offer favorites and recommendations based on orders placed. McDonald’s

How Local Demand and AI Power Shein’s Breakthrough Growth Engine
Shein’s artificial intelligence engine can quickly detect a change in demand or interest in new trends, and its supply chain can react accordingly in real time, delivering more value to consumers and brand benefits. much lower operating costs. shein

Lowe’s Virtual Product Hub is a two-way product assortment solution
Lowe’s immersive and interactive digital product trial and recommendation program serves as both a tool for consumers, offering them the opportunity to achieve personal goals or complete a project, while simultaneously gathering information on how Lowe’s can better meet the needs of its consumers with its product assortment. Lowe’s

Learn more: Playbook for a smarter brand experience with better customer data today
This week’s PSFK report offers 6 strategies to deliver better, more personalized customer experiences, while providing transparency and protecting consumer data. Integrate customer data into brand and retail experiences


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