Minecraft Redditor Shares Innovative Collapsed Bridge Design Built With New Hanging Panels

New hanging signs have recently been released in the latest Minecraft snapshots and betas. This is part of the upcoming 1.20 update announced by Mojang during a recent Minecraft Live event. In addition to these blocks, many other features have been released in the experimental section. Although the betas were only released a day ago, players are already coming up with unique ways to use them.

A Redditor by the name of “u/choptop84” posted a photo of a collapsed chain and plank bridge made up of hanging panels. It was a brilliant implementation and use of these blocks, even though they’re mostly used for writing. Based on the image, the straight chain variant of the hanging panels was perfect for this build.

Users React to Minecraft Redditor’s Unique Collapsed Bridge Made of Hanging Panels

The majority of the Minecraft community talks enthusiastically about the latest features revealed by Mojang and how they have been introduced in the latest betas. Fans are excited about the arrival of the upcoming 1.20 update and what it has to offer. Therefore, posts like this that show a unique implementation of new blocks are very popular on the Minecraft subreddit. In a single day, the post received more than three thousand upvotes and several comments.

Most of them just liked how the original poster envisioned turning hanging signs into a collapsed bridge. If these blocks are stacked under each other, it looks like a bridge made of planks and chains, with many Redditors appreciating the creative eye of the original poster.

A few users said that they expected the community to come up with some awesome and innovative designs like this right after the beta releases revealing the new features in the game. Besides, they also discussed how the bridge could be improved by adding or changing the design. Some didn’t like how the ends of the bridge looked too bulky with solid wooden planks.

Surprisingly, there were plenty of Redditors talking about different games, TV shows, and even movies where similar types of bridges are seen. A collapsed bridge is a fairly common generation that many games could have. They mentioned some video games like Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls 3. TV shows and movies like road runner and IndianaJones were also mentioned.

In general, this innovative way of using the new hanging sign has been well received by the Minecraft community on Reddit, as many are still flocking to and reacting to the post. Since the overhead signs looked rather unique when first revealed, these kinds of creative builds were to be expected.

Features released with latest Minecraft snapshot and beta previews

Many players may still be unaware that the new features of Update 1.20 are available on the latest Snapshot and Beta Preview. However, these features are only available behind the experimental section. They can be enabled by activating the data pack (Java Edition) or by toggling the settings for the “next major update” in the world (Bedrock Edition).

Additions such as camels, hanging panels, chiseled shelves and bamboo blocks have been introduced in the latest betas. Over time, Mojang will release more features and add them to future snapshots.

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