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Social swirls

“Hello old friends”

One of the premier moments of The Curtain Call Ball’s stage activity occurred when the featured artist Bryan Batt team up with the headliner Kathleen monteleone for a buddy duo. The two performed on Broadway. Jefferson Turner was the attendant. Additional interpreters Keith Claverie, Leslie Claverie, Rachel Looney and Kathleen Moore garnered attention soon after, concluding with “There’s No Business Like Show Business”. The audience loved it.

“Return to the theater” marked the multi-faceted gaiety on the spot chaired by Anne Redd and Judith Oudt for the benefit of the Petit Théâtre. The guests first gathered in the Dickie brennan‘s Table for cocktails, dinner and silent auction before crowding into the theater. Don Scott Cooper and Kenna moore LPT staff greeted the cheerful crowd and the auctioneer Marc Romig got the highest bids for five coveted items.

Names in the limelight appeared immediately after the prom chairs Joey Brown and Dana Hansel, as well as representatives of the Mainstage, Red Carpet, Backstage and Ensemble sponsors, including, in an individual capacity, Mrs. H. Mortimer Favrot Jr. (OK), President of the council Kathleen and Charlie Van Horn, Judy Barrasso and Brent Barriere, Elizabeth and Edwin Bragg, Katherine and Tony Gelderman, Mary Merle and Ted Laborde, and Mrs. and Mrs. Robert Merrick. Most have been spotted, as have dozens of others supporting the beloved Vieux Carré theater.

The Golden touch

For a party that started at 12:30 p.m., momentum was still vital nearly five hours later. People were so happy to see each other outside on a beautiful day. All this to also support a good cause: Boys Hope Girls Hope. Entitled “The Golden Gala”, the fundraiser – with Banner Ford Banner Chevrolet as the Marigold sponsor – took place in the City Park Botanical Garden. “Wear your best garden glam” was the dress code.

Brittany Whitsell chaired the committee of the gala of 22, which had as chairman of the board of directors of the big names Greg F. Rouchel (with husband Ryan mccabe) and immediate past honorary chairs Ralph and Patricia Cox. Still others were vice-chairman of the board Chris Kenny with wife Kim, Sally Duplantier, Junior Chairman of the Board of Directors Caroline Nelson, Adeleigh Smith, Kelley and Lyle Moreau, Lynne Burkart, Anne Raymond, Charles and Vonda Rice, Janis van Meerveld and husband Charlie cherry, and about 300 others.

The eye was feasted, thanks to a sumptuous wall of flowers and boxwoods, while the appetite was real with the catering of a dozen local restaurants. Chief Frank Brigtsen hosted the bosses party and performed a live “demo” of con queso shrimp with chipotle grits. Kristin Devil title of the event, David Doucet Serenade in the Shade Garden and Refried Confusion accompanied the Patrons’ Party guests to the gala. Linda Bubbles enchanted guests through the gardens; Mateo and Company took pictures; and eight raffle prizes, soccer fields and Fund a Need raised funds for program expenses. The mission of BHGH (founded by Judge Adrian G. Duplantier and Rev. Harry W. Tompson, SJ) is the guidance of young people in need.

Mark 125 years

The New Orleans World Trade Center and the Port of New Orleans have teamed up to present the 7e Annual Eugene J. Schreiber Award Gala Honoring William H. “Bill” Hines (joined by Married). Celebrated, too, at the site, the Port of New Orleans Plaza, was the port 125e birthday. The lightness launch was cocktails and the preview of the WTCNO Silent Auction with topping the list six tickets to the Spring 2022 Day of Racing at Keeneland in Lexington, Ky. The awards gala followed.

Stephen C. Hanemann is the Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of WTCNO, Ed Webb is the CEO, and Brandy D. Christian is the president and CEO of the port. Hanemann, Webb and Marie schreiber, wife of the late namesake of the award, Gene Schreiber. Gene’s son was also present Jeremy Schreiber and spouse Cynthia. Thanks to McCausland Event Planning, Balloon Float NOLA, Mirepoix Event Catering and Glen David Andrews Bandaged.

Mingling, and congratulating Hines and Christian, were the Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson, Rep. Mark Wright, Adrienne Slack of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Chairman of Associated Terminals Todd fuller, Chairman of the Committee of 100 Michael Olivier, Paul Matthews of Plaquemines Port Harbor & Terminal District, and, of the consular corps, Tito Livio Morales Burelo (Mexico) and spouse Jimina Romero, and Pat Dechaud (Canada). Also, Bobby and Peggy Brannon, Dolph and Mar’Sue Parro, Sean and Michelle Duffy, Mike and Susu Kearney and mark more.

The hailed story

Months ago, the historic houses Hermann-Grima and Gallier launched an invitation to become a member of the Society of Historic Houses “to maintain and preserve its two national historic monuments (the houses above) and to attend its gala fall annual at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Regan. The venue is a 1920s Mediterranean-style house located on the edge of Audubon Park and was ‘perfect’ for an indoor / outdoor event. The decorative style of the hosts is a mix of classic pieces with large, colorful artwork made by local talent. The floral embellishment on the evening of the party came from lush pink and white peonies. Additional perks to the party were the taste pleasures of Ralph brennan Catering and events, as well as Latin jazz by Vivaz Trio.

Were noted the president of Women’s Exchange Katherine Raymond and Beau, Vice president Lori Paige and John; Gala Co-Chairs Ellen Coleman, Mary Johnson and Sarah Sharp Meckstroth with Grant, Eddie and Jeff; and gala vice-presidents Peggy Stafford with husband John shires and Renée Laborde with Peter. Also, Executive Director of HGGHH Tessa Jagger, Barbara Trevigne, Sarah and George Young, and, the two “council emeritus”, Kay favrot (with Barbara scheuermann) and Susan gundlach (with Jimmy). The Gundlach and Raymond are members of the Heritage Circle. Some discussions focused on the 140e anniversary of the Women’s Exchange and 50 years of the museume.

Joined by spouse Sarah, Richard Freeman Jr. was a unique guest. He not only grew up in the current Regan House, but lived for a time in the Gallier House in the French Quarter.

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