New Nemertes Study Finds Zero Trust Benefits Extend Far Beyond Network Security

NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Nemertes, a global research-based consultancy and consultancy that analyzes the business value of emerging technologies, announces the publication of a real economic value study on Appgate SDP, a zero network access solution Industry leader Trust (ZTNA). The independent study, based on customer interviews with corporate technology leaders from multiple industries, quantifies the business value and operational impact of Appgate SDP.

The Nemertes study focuses on three common use cases for ZTNA:

  • Replacing the VPN, which was the most common scenario with 44% of participants reporting using Appgate SDP to modernize secure remote connections;

  • Secure DevOps to provide developers with dynamic access to network resources, and;

  • Migration to the cloud to unify access policies and controls across all on-premises and cloud environments.

Industries represented in the study include high tech, financial services, manufacturing, media, publishing, government, and nonprofit organizations. A free copy is available here.

“There is no doubt that Zero Trust represents the future of network security. But what many don’t appreciate is the “halo effect” that implementing a ZTNA-compliant Zero Trust framework can have on aspects of the business that go far beyond security. network. Said Johna Till Johnson, president and founder of Nemertes and one of the study’s authors. “The interviews we conducted with these Appgate customers were surprising and enlightening. From streamlining new customer onboarding to accelerating digital transformation to improving employee satisfaction, this study shows how a Zero Trust Network Access security approach can serve as a springboard for innovation. . ”

Here are some of the main findings of the report:

  • Using Appgate SDP Accelerates Digital Transformation. Participants reported that Apple SDP has accelerated digital transformation initiatives by 119% on average. They cite real-life examples, such as the ability to onboard suppliers quickly while maintaining a strong security position. A high-tech respondent said, “Appgate enables innovation at the pace the business wants, not at a pace constrained by CISO and IT. ”
  • Appgate SDP is Highly Strategic for Zero Trust Security Initiatives. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is “most strategic for Zero Trust,” respondents rated Appgate SDP at 9.5. “Appgate has given us a degree of control that we never thought possible,” said a senior security analyst at a publishing company. And the IT manager of an industrial customer added, “Appgate is the only viable zero trust tool we have today. ”
  • Appgate SDP enables Work at Home (WFH) and Hybrid WFH environments. All participants reported a dramatic increase (1,148%) in the number of employees working from home before Covid compared to during and after the pandemic and viewed Appgate SDP as a critical enabler. A senior technology strategist at a high-tech company said, “We are drastically reducing physical space… Appgate SDP makes this possible by enabling direct connections to workloads anywhere, securely. ”
  • Appgate SDP improves operational efficiency. All participants reported improvements ranging from 50% to 100% in at least one of the following operational metrics: time to provision new users; number of employees required to manage procurement; incident tickets related to connections and access to applications; security incidents related to connections and access to applications; user login hours; and the ability to manage multiple simultaneous users.

“As we engage with our customers on a daily basis, we wanted an independent, unfiltered assessment of how they are applying Appgate SDP in production environments and quantifying its economic and operational benefits,” said Barry Field, CEO of Appgate. “The Nemertes report covers compelling and informative use cases that show how innovative organizations are leveraging Appgate to modernize secure access controls, create a Zero Trust framework, and accelerate transformative business initiatives.

About Némertès

Nemertes is a global research-based consultancy and consultancy that analyzes the business value of emerging technologies. Since 2002, we’ve provided strategic recommendations based on data-driven operational and business metrics to help organizations achieve successful technology transformation for employees and customers. Simply put: Nemertes’ best data helps customers make better decisions. Learn more at

About Appgate

Appgate is the secure access company that provides cybersecurity solutions for people, devices and systems based on the principles of Zero Trust security. Appgate updates IT systems to tackle the cyber threats of today and tomorrow. With a set of differentiated cloud and hybrid security products, Appgate makes it easy and effective for businesses to protect themselves against cyber threats. Appgate protects over 650 organizations in government and business. Learn more at On February 9, 2021, Appgate announced that it had entered into a definitive merger agreement with Newtown Lane Marketing, Incorporated (OTC BB: NTWN), a publicly traded shell company. The parties expect to complete the transaction in the third quarter of 2021, subject to customary closing conditions, when Appgate will become a public company. For more information, please visit

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