New York Theater Workshop Art Fellowship 2050 now open for applicants

Application is open for the 2050 New York Theater Workshop Art Fellowship.

The NYTW 2050 Fellowships consist of five basic components:

1) Monthly fellowship meetings where fellows meet and members of the New York Theater Workshop community to discuss craft, aesthetics, and artistic development;

2) Access to rehearsal space and the ability to share work in progress with NYTW artistic staff and the entire fellowship cohort;

3) Mentorship of NYTW artistic staff and contemporary theater artists;

4) An invitation to participate in the artistic life of the theater by attending staff meetings, developmental readings, dress rehearsals and other NYTW functions;

5) A 3-day weekend retreat at the start and end of the fellowship

2050 Scholars receive both a stipend and an additional arts development fund that supports scholarship projects, theater tickets, performances, research, or travel.

Nominations should include the following:

  • A statement in 750 words or less answering these questions:
    • What kind of work are you interested in doing right now and why? Are there questions that you try to pursue and interrogate in your work? How does this fellowship at the New York Theater Workshop appeal to you specifically as an artist right now?
  • A CV
  • A work sample
    • For artists who identify primarily as playwrights: an integral play
    • For artists who identify primarily as directors: up to 6 photos from recent professional or academic production(s) OR up to 3 timestamped moments of film recordings directed works (all 3 moments can be from one production or you can send moments from 3 different productions; the 3 clips must not total more than 15 minutes.) With the work, please include a brief explanation of 3 of the 6 photographic moments or 3 video clips, including but not limited to what makes the moment meaningful, how the moment was constructed, etc. With this sample, we are not looking for a description or summary of the photos or video clips, but rather hope that the media and text will help us understand who you are as a director. Images or hyperlink to videos should be clearly labeled and included in a single PDF with descriptions, with password provided if required.

Find out more and apply at

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