News: Washington Stage Guild announces 2021-22 gaming season


As we mark the 35th anniversary of our founding, the Washington Stage Guild is proud to announce our return to production in person with a four-piece season that all grapple with the question of forbidden tough choices, unexpectedly accepted challenges, and the importance of trust, gained and lost, which requires being vulnerable and courageous in order to persevere. The season includes production that was halted by COVID-19 just before it opened, Sam & Dede, Or My Dinner with Andre the Giant by Gino DiIorio. This long-delayed first zone will be accompanied by three pieces that we had previously planned for 2020-21. We’re excited to bring them on stage this season instead.

“We can’t wait to get back on stage after such a long hiatus,” says artistic director Bill Largess. “The in-store season will have been worth the wait, however. After so many doubts in the recent past, it seems especially fitting to look at our desire to trust others, whether they are friends, colleagues, relatives, or even the government. Society is built on these connections and these four pieces show us that trust is built, questioned, unraveled and shattered. And as always at the Stage Guild, the four pieces speak to each other, in harmony or in contrast.

My children ! My Africa! by Athol Fugard
11/11/2021 to 5/12/2021
Directed by Gerrad Taylor

The great South African playwright’s meditation on education and its role in the struggle for justice, with its sad limitations in a culture of oppression and fanaticism. In a town in eastern Cape Karoo, South Africa in 1984, Mr M, a dedicated teacher, seeks to provide a future for his award-winning student Thami by forming a debate team with a brilliant white school student. local, Isabel. But Mr. M’s hopes for Thami are challenged by their generational divide and the political violence brewing outside the classroom.

Sam & Dede, or My Dinner with André the Giant
by Gino DiIorio
01/13/2022 to 02/06/2022

Directed by Steven Carpenter and starring Alan Wade and Scott McCormick. Carried over from last season, a revealing tale of two very unexpected friends and their influence on each other over the decades. Their unlikely friendship began when an aspiring writer, an Irish expatriate in France, took a young man (whose remarkable size made him the object of derision) to school every day, discussing dramatic writing. , professional wrestling and where their lives would take them. A late regional first.

Mrs Warren’s profession by George Bernard Shaw
02/25/2022 to 03/27/2022
Directed by Michael Rothhaar

Two of Shaw’s tallest women clash as Ms Warren and her daughter Vivie struggle to connect in light of their very different views on women, morality, and business. Shaw’s play was considered explosive when it premiered in 1905, angering the Lord Chamberlain’s office for its candid examination of the hypocrisy surrounding prostitution. It still packs a punch today. This new production will be directed by the director of our 1991 production.

Memories of a Forgotten Man by DW Gregory
5/5/2022 to 05/29/2022
Directed by Kasi Campbell

A 2018 hit at the Contemporary American Theater Festival, Gregory’s play depicts a totalitarian regime’s determination to erase history and the tragic effect it has on a man who cannot forget anything. Based on a true story, a man with photographic memory finds himself and his entourage in peril under an authoritarian regime that wipes out his political enemies.


The Washington Stage Guild has carefully prepared for a return to theater. To this end, we have partnered with other theaters in the region to require that customers be vaccinated when attending performances in our theater. And we’re committed to a rigorous set of health and safety protocols that include enhanced cleaning and social distancing in the theater. Masks will also be required for all guests, regardless of their immunization status. These policies will be in effect until such time as CDC and DC / Federal government directives deem them unnecessary. READ OUR FULL HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY here.

We were by no means inactive during the eighteen-month hiatus caused by the pandemic. Thanks to a grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the generosity of many individual donors, we have completed a major “green” overhaul of our lighting system, which will be more energy efficient and make the shows we let’s present more beautiful than already. We also turned to digital production and offered four online presentations that won the loyalty of our audience; three of our online performances were plays by our “house playwright,” George Bernard Shaw (“Don Juan in Hell,” “The Devil’s Disciple” and “How He Lied to Her Husband”), and the fourth play offers a preview of Shaw’s Personal Life (“Dear Liar” by Jerome Kilty, adapted from correspondence by Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell – streaming 9/29 to 10/03). Get “Dear Liar” tickets here.


  • Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. $ 50.00
  • Friday and Saturday evening at 8 p.m. $ 60.00
  • Matinees Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. $ 50.00
  • Discounts are available for seniors, students and groups.

SEASON PASS ON SALE NOW – same low price as before – $ 125 for four appetizers to use in any combination! The prices of individual tickets have not been increased either.


Te Undercroft Theater in Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church
900 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington DC

Please note our telephone number: 202-900-8788.

The Undercroft Theater is located in the heart of downtown Washington, at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and 9th Street, NW. It’s a short walk from the Convention Center and a few blocks from the National Mall, the Smithsonian, Capital One Arena, Chinatown, and plenty of restaurants!

The Undercroft Theater is a short walk from the following Tube stations:

  • Gallery Place / Chinatown — Exit at SE corner of 9th and G St, NW (green, yellow and red lines)
  • Vernon Square — SW exit corner of 7th and M St, NW (green and yellow lines)
  • Metro Center — Exit at corner SE of 11th and G St, NW (blue, red, orange and silver lines)

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