Nick Jonas says “BTS’s ability to have this freedom as a group is really rare,” ARMY responds

Singer Nick Jonas recently shared his thoughts on BTS and looked back the moment he saw them in concert. The singer was promoting his upcoming solo album, Spaceman, on a radio show when he mentioned the K-pop group.

Nick was asked how he decides which song would work best as a solo track and which would work as the Jonas Brothers number.

“Well, I get this question more and more now, because I think it’s surprising to people that I do both – that the two can coexist so seamlessly, but I think it’s a bit the beauty of this new chapter that the brothers and I kind of set up in 2019, which dates back to Happiness Begins, has reignited everything. “

“I actually watch BTS, for example, and I went to one of their shows, the Rose Bowl (in) California, a few years ago and it was cool to see them, you know, sort of. so make their individual songs and then come back as a group and do their songs together. And then, you know, that ability to have that freedom as a group is really rare, ”he said on The Morning Mashup hosted by SiriusXM.

This sighting impressed members of BTS. Several fans took to social media to thank Nick.

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Nick recently released two tracks from his new album. The first song is called Spaceman while the recently released second song is called This Is Heaven. The singer previously revealed that the songs on the album were like love letters to his wife, actress Priyanka Chopra.

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