NIDA applauds return of live theater to Sydney


NIDA applauds the upcoming return of live entertainment to Sydney as COVID-19 vaccination targets set by the NSW government allow audiences to return to theaters.

Entertainment venues will be subject to restrictions under the Public Health Ordinance and productions will initially perform at 75% of capacity, mask wear will be mandatory and all customers, staff, actors and team will need to be fully vaccinated as a condition of entry to a number of premises.

NIDA alumni are involved in a number of recently launched and reopened productions as performers and in behind-the-scenes roles ranging from technical production to design.

The Sydney Theater Company (STC) have announced their return to the stage with Artistic Director and NIDA alumnus Kip Williams (director, 2009) of the Shakespeare production Julius Caesar and as well as a production by Arthur Miller Death of a salesman by the associate director and former student of NIDA Paige Rattray (production, 2009).

“After months of shutting down theaters, I am so excited to share two great productions,” said Kip Williams. “During the lockdown, my creative team and I prepared a theatrical treat for Julius Caesar, which is our first show to be played ‘in the round’ in the newly refurbished Wharf 1 Theater.”

Julius Caesar presents Elizabeth Gadsby (Design for Performance, 2013) as designer and David Bergman (Production, 2008) as video designer, with Jessica Arthur (Directing, 2015) as assistant director. Death of a seller with NIDA alumni Callan Colley (acting, 2016), Thuso Lekwape (acting, 2014), Josh McConville (acting, 2008), Philip Quast (acting, 1979), Contessa Treffone (acting, 2012) and Alan Zhu (acting, 2020), with set design by David Fleischer (Design, 2009), costume design by Teresa Negroponte (Design, 2009), music and sound design by Clemence Williams (Directing, 2016) and Zindzi Okenyo (Acting, 2006) as assistant director.

At the Griffin Theater, Wherever she wanders stars Emily Havea (acting, 2014), Mark Paguio (acting, 2018) and Fiona Press (acting, 1983) with designer Ella Butler (Design for Performance, 2017), sound associate Daniel Herten ( TTSM, 2020) and video designer Susie Henderson (TTSM, 2019).

At first glance returns for a short season written by Suzie Miller (Playwriting, 2000) with Sheridan Harbridge (Acting, 2006), director Lee Lewis (Directing, 2005), designer Renée Mulder (Design, 2008), stage manager Khym Scott (Production, 2012). He then toured London for a short season at the Harold Pinter Theater in the West End.

In Belvoir, The Boomkak Panto, features former NIDA Deborah Galanos (Acting, 1989) with sets and costumes by Michael Hankin (Design, 2009) and Ayah Tayeh as assistant manager (TTSM, 2019).

Launch of the independent theater company Redline Happy Days with lighting design by Veronique Bennett (Design, 2019) and scenography by Charles Davis (Design, 2014).

At the Hayes Theater, We ride happily features NIDA alumnus Elise McCann (Acting, 2003) with set design by Jeremy Allen (Design, 2015), lighting design by Veronique Bennett (TTSM, 2017) and video and sound design by David Bergman ( Technical Production, 2008).

The woman in black returns to the Ensemble Theater in October, starring Garth Holcombe, alumnus of NIDA (Acting, 2006 and current NIDA tutor), with a lighting design by Trudy Dalgleish (Technical Production, 1982).

At the musical theater, Come from afar Australia has announced its reopening in Sydney. A graduate of the MFA (directing), Liam McIlwain returns as resident director and choreographer, with Joshua Broadbent, former student of NIDA (Production, 2015) as assistant stage manager and with Manon Gunderson-Briggs (Dip Musical Theater, 2016 ).

Finally, after 16 and a half weeks off the stage, former NIDA student Shaka Cook (Acting, 2012) returns to his role in Hamilton at Sydney Lyric.

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