NMU’s Forest Roberts Theater Welcomes Live Audiences Again This Weekend


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – The lights are dim and the stage is set. Northern Michigan University’s Forest Roberts Theater has been gearing up to host its first shows with live audiences since late 2019.

Co-director Bill Digneit said presenting last year’s shows was a “one-time challenge” that worked well.

“I continue to call it a COVID creation,” Digneit said. “Putting our shows virtually allowed us to experience another art form of radio plays. We’ve actually gone back to the way things were done to find solutions to the COVID scenario. “

As students and faculty prepare to open the curtain, NMU Theater and Dance Co-Director Jill Grundstrom explains that the theater follows the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s health guidelines.

“If you rehearse and play actively, you can do it without a mask,” she explained. “But, as soon as you are not active in either activity, you must put your mask back on.”

As many say in the theater and entertainment industry, the show must go on. And, those with NMU Theater and Dance are making sure that happens with COVID-19 protocols in place.

“We have backstage hand sanitizing stations, also for performers and certainly in the locker rooms,” said Grundstrom. “We have full bathrooms with sinks and hand soap, so we can really make sure we’re really trying to tone down as much as possible.”

Digneit says everyone is delighted to welcome spectators again.

“Our theater is ready to welcome you to our seats and watch the wonderful works of art that are being produced this year for all of you,” he said.

The season kicks off with the CO / LAB COLLECTIVE dance show from September 30 to October 2, followed by the world premiere of Above the line of the woods from October 15 to October 23.

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