One of the best WWE shows in Saudi Arabia to date


WWE Crown Jewel was Thursday’s presentation from Saudi Arabia and included a stacked card with strong matches and big names. There were rumors of pre-pay-per-view appearances and discussions of potential title changes as the WWE Draft selections took effect 24 hours later.

A solid pay-per-view with a hot crowd, this event could have been one of WWE’s best screenings when it comes to shows from Saudi Arabia. Here are your winners and losers for WWE Crown Jewel, October 21, 2021:

Winner: Rollins vs. Edge

WWE opened Crown Jewel with a Barn Burner and one of the best Hell in a Cell matches in years. The last time Rollins was in a Hell in a Cell match, things didn’t go so well for him. He more than made up for that this time around as his fight with Edge included tables, ladders, chairs, chains and more. The two men used each other’s movements and the fight lasted a good 30 minutes before ending. Edge took the win by hitting Rollins on a chair. There are a lot of words you can use to describe this game. An instant classic, an absolute war, a perfect opener, the perfect way to end a feud. They all work.

It was the trilogy match between the two and a seven-year-old match in the works. The preparation for this fight was the best on the list and both men delivered before each headed to Raw. It will be interesting to see if they pull away from each other or continue this battle on Mondays. They have a lot of chemistry and this game almost makes it seem like seeing them start over wouldn’t be the worst thing. That said, it’s probably time for every man to find a new opponent.

Winner: Mansour

In a match meant to give the hometown crowd something to really cheer on, Mansoor scored a victory to go undefeated at the Crown Jewel events. In another cool post-match moment, Saudi Arabia’s karate silver medalist Tareg Hamedi showed up to help Mansoor who was attacked after the match. It was all about making the local crowd happy and it worked.

It was also a historic match as two Muslim superstars had never faced each other on PPV in WWE until now. It was a good game and Mansoor showed up well. It included an innovative attack including a top rope neck breaker.

Winner: RK-Bro Keeps Raw Tag Titles

In another match meant to give the crowd something to cheer on, WWE went with Orton and Riddle to retain. The two takeaways from the match were the fact that WWE brought Riddle to the ring on a camel and Orton landed an RKO out of nowhere for the win. Orton and Riddle are everywhere, including Saudi Arabia. This match had some cool moments that kept the momentum going for a solid pay-per-view.

Winner: Zelina Vega

In a moment that could truly catapult Zelina Vega to Raw in the weeks to come, she won the inaugural Queen’s Crown tournament and defeated Doudrop at Crown Jewel. It’s exactly the right kind of character for Vega that will make a perfect queen. She will think that she is better than everyone else and she will try to rule with bad intentions. She’ll likely dress the role better than any king in the past and that’s exactly what she needs to elevate her position on the roster. Expect her to embrace this role and have fun with it.

Loser: Goldberg beats Lashley

The first loser in the series goes to Goldberg against Lashley. He’s not a loser because of the game. It was actually not bad. The loser tag is attached to this fight because there really was no way WWE was able to keep up with the hype. First, Goldberg’s victory over Lashley will not please a number of fans. Second, WWE pitched the idea that Goldberg was literally going to kill Lashley and the best he did was throw a spear at a ton of tables (which was a cool place). WWE made their bed with the promotion of this fight and it was going to be tough to keep its end of the bargain.

Fortunately, Lashley is pretty impervious to a win or a loss and he will be fine. The downside is that Goldberg is likely going to disappear again and WWE has chosen to go with the part-time on one of the stars of the Red Mark. No Pawn, no match promise, and a ton of struggles with items like tables and Goldberg’s gloves made this one less than ideal. Considering merit, this was one of Goldberg’s best performances in the ring.

Winner: Xavier Woods

There is perhaps no happier WWE Superstar returning from Saudi Arabia than Xavier Woods who fulfilled the dream of a lifetime of winning the King of the Ring tournament. It was something Woods had wanted for years and getting the win over Finn Balor to wear the crown is a good time for a deserving star. It’s hard not to think that he is going to have an amazing time playing this role and you know he is going to take every opportunity.

The game itself was good and it could be one of Woods’ biggest wins. Kudos to Balor for getting the job done here and helping raise Woods on the next big run of his WWE career. It was a clear win with Woods hitting his elbow off the top rope for the count of three.

Winner: Grand E

While this could have been the most predictable outcome of any game on this map, it was one of Big E’s best singles games and an extremely entertaining contest. Drew McIntyre continues to lose big games and that’s something WWE will need to be aware of as he heads to SmackDown. That said, both men did a great job and Big E’s winning streak in a row helps him become a credible champion.

While the audience was hot throughout the show, the crowd was really into this game and that added an extra layer to the level of entertainment. McIntyre tried to land E’s finisher to close the contest, but it was Big E who landed a second Big Ending to secure the pin.

Winner: Lynch retains SmackDown Women’s Championship

In a match that was more of a show of strength and athleticism than anything else for Bianca Beliar, the fight also included a creative finish as Becky Lynch clung to the bottom rope for life to secure the pin on Sasha. Banks and keep his championship. What happens next with the titles is guessable as Lynch holds the SmackDown belt and heads to Raw, while Charlotte holds the Raw title and heads to SmackDown.

This match was a bit sloppy at the start but really started in the last moments with some innovative spots.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Reigns retains a victory over Brock Lesnar but leaves the door wide open between Paul Heyman, The Best and The Head of the Table. Heyman threw the championship belt in the middle of the ring, not taking sides as the official had come out of an F5. Lesnar and Reigns fought for it, but in the distraction the Usos hit double superkicks at Lesnar so Reigns could take the win. Heyman left with the champion, but Friday night there will certainly be questions.

Some people might suggest that Lesnar looked tired in his first game in almost two years. I’m not so sure he was selling like a babyface which is a whole lot different from his recent games. I thought both men were doing well in their role reversals.

WWE Crown Jewels Match Results:

* Edge defeats Seth Rollins with a stomp on a chair in the Hell in a Cell match. It was a brutal contest that included every object imaginable.
* Mansoor defeats Mustafa Ali with a daredevil on a rope after Ali misses the 450 splash. Olympic silver medalist Tareg Hamedi helped Mansoor after the game to blow up the crowd.
* RK-Bro defeats AJ Styles and Omos to retain Raw Tag Team titles. Orton hit an RKO as Styles tried to deliver a phenomenal forearm
* Zelina Vega defeats Doudrop at WWE Crown Jewel to win the first Queen’s Crown tournament. She hit a code red for victory, then sat down on her new throne and renounced the people.
* Goldberg defeats Bobby Lashley with a spear on the ramp and across a table to the pine. It was a brutal game and one of Goldberg’s best games in recent memory.
* Xavier Woods beats Finn Balor with a top-of-the-rope elbow for the count of three and wins the King of the Ring tournament. He is now the King of WWE and has made the dream of his life come true.
* Big E defeats Drew McIntyre to retain WWE Championship. A strong match between the two, Big hits a second Big Ending to secure the victory.
* Becky Lynch retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship after rolling Sasha Banks and using the ropes to win a pin while Bianca Belair was out of the ring.
* Roman Reigns retains Brock Lesnar with help from the Usos. The official was eliminated, the Universal Championship was used as a weapon, and a second referee counted the spit.

big e against mcintyre

Big E defeats Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel to retain WWE Championship

Big E overcame a relentless effort by Drew McIntyre to retain his WWE Championship at Crown Jewel.

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