Peter Murphy Announces Solo Exhibit at Improv Theater in Los Angeles

Peter Murphy Announces Solo Exhibit at Improv Theater in Los AngelesPeter Murphy has announced a return to the stage…doing improv. The appearance is with 3 actors so it remains to be seen what he does whether musical or improvisational – fascinating. The Bauhaus legend has pulled out of the US leg of his recent tour to enter rehab, casting question marks over the future of the classic and influential band, but at least it looks like he’s has recovered himself and is able to return to the stage in some form.

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The recent Bauhaus tour grabbed headlines and won plenty of accolades with its stunning sound and theatrical presence. Murphy himself hasn’t just been a charismatic presence with his positively Shakespearian new shaved head image and thin, atmospheric voice. The rest of the band never sounded better and veteran status really suited them. Perhaps the optimists were hoping for an album and the only art rock song that came out of the ether hinted at something always creative about the band that always threatened to implode at some point.

The hugely influential band were finally getting their rights and playing big stages around the world and it looked like there might be a future if they could just hold on and not implode. Their dark glam chimes and post-punk minimalism were often copied but never bettered and the sonorous but thrilling black sun echoed triumphantly from concert halls. There’s something unique and powerfully special about the band, so I’m crossing my fingers that somehow they can make it work again in the future.

For now, we have this new and fascinating tangent to the restless singer and we can only hope that there will also be room in his complex life for other bands in one form or another.

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