Prince William praises ‘planet placement’ that puts climate change at the forefront of emissions

Dermot O’Leary sent a ‘special thank you’ to the Duke of Cambridge after accepting the Bafta award for best live event for The Earthshot Prize, which the presenter described as William’s ‘baby’.

He described working on the show as a “privilege” and “the most rewarding experience for all of us”.

He added: “A word too, just a special thank you to Prince William because it’s very easy to be cynical about someone who comes from such privilege but he approached it all with that empathy and that incredible enthusiasm, that vitality and that’s really his baby, that’s why Earthshot is now fourth in line to the throne.”

In 2019, Bafta held a launch event called “Planet Placement”, aimed at teaching the film and television industries to “help raise awareness of climate change by introducing sustainability messages into the content we see on our screens. “.

“Its purpose is to challenge the creative community and inspire them to create content that changes the world,” the organization said.

Then Christiana Figueres, former executive secretary of the United Nations Climate Convention and now chair of the Earthshot Prize, told program officials: “We have to get out of the story that we can’t answer it and replace this mindset through determination, creativity and innovation, BAFTA can help us do just that.

A report on the program found that, among major UK broadcasters, the number of times “climate change” was mentioned in a year rose from 3,125 in 2018 to 12,715 in 2020.

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