Respawn Entertainment reveals Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor


Another season is approaching in Apex Legends, and with that comes a new character and new challenges when you step into Fortune’s Favor. Respawn Entertainment has released a ton of information on what Season 5 will bring, including a new character trailer starring Loba Andrade. If that name doesn’t touch you, the story will because she’s the girl you see at the end of Revenant’s story after he was introduced to the game. Now she’s a master thief for revenge in the last plot twist of the season. You can read all the details about Season 5 here, and check out his trailer below. But we have some of the new features coming Apex Legends below.

A look at Apex Legends’ latest character, Loba Andrade.

Forgive Losses: A state we grant you where any RP losses you may have are set to zero. For example, in a Diamond match where you came last but had two kills, you would normally have a -28 adjustment to your RP (-48 Diamond entry cost, +20 for kills, for one. net loss of -28). With loss forgiveness, however, you would have a net loss adjusted to 0. However, this will only apply if you stand to lose any RP of the match – if you had five eliminations and a loss forgiveness, your RP would still be. net +2.

Abandon: leave a Apex Legends match before it’s over for you, while you have no forgiveness for the losses. “Before it’s over for you” is defined as the player is still able to play, eg you are still alive, or you are dead but waiting to reappear, etc. A notable exception to this is if your banner has been picked up and you haven’t reappeared within 2.5 minutes, you won’t be considered an abandonment if you leave.

Surrender Penalty: The normal penalty for a surrender that is not forgiven is 1. to zero any wins that a player would have had in the match, 2. An additional penalty RP cost equal to the cost of entry for the player. 3. A timer placed on you before you can restart matchmaking. Currently this is set on a 10 minute package.

Expected abandonment: quit the match via the game menus with the option “Quit the match”. Unexpected quits are everything else, e.g. game errors, departures through console system menus, your interrupted internet connection, etc.

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