Siegwerk makes key contribution with new recyclable bag inks from Werner & Mertz – spanning printing inks, coatings and allied industries

Siegwerk is part of a global flagship project for recyclable packaging with its innovative ink technology. A stand-up bag developed by partner Werner & Mertz and the global packaging and paper group Mondi with the solution from Siegwerk is the first flexible packaging to now achieve Gold status in all categories for its recyclability in terms of certification Cradle-to-Cradle.

“C2C presents a well accepted and scientifically proven method to validate the characteristics of sustainable materials, products and systems by assigning a major role to the impact on human health and ecological of chemicals used as constituents. With C2C, brand owners have the opportunity to demonstrate their innovative efforts to deliver on their sustainability promise, ”said Dr Stefan Häp, Head of Collaboration between Technology and Innovation Brand Owners at Siegwerk.

For the development of the sustainable stand-up pouch, the developers followed a plan put in place by the accredited institute EPEA Switzerland to comply with the Cradle-to-Cradle principle.

For the product to be fully circular, the ultimate reward requires set screws at every part of the value chain.

“The development of the pouch shows that sustainable products cannot be rushed. They need time, investment, innovation and close cooperation between all partners along the value chain if they are to be truly recyclable in the end ”, said Immo Sander, Head of packaging development at Werner & Mertz.

In several initiatives, Siegwerk supports and enables circular packaging solutions, bringing its know-how from the printing inks point of view to make packaging recyclable and more sustainable. An example is the cooperation with the Recyclate initiative of Werner & Mertz. Siegwerk is one of the key partners in this initiative. The company has developed ink technologies for several applications and substrates.

“We took care of the initial ignition of the durable inks on the self-adhesive labels and on the pouch films,” said Dr Häp. To this end, Siegwerk has developed special ink systems which also fit into the certified ecological concept and the sustainability strategy of Werner & Mertz.

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