Stars Shine at Matt Berman’s ‘Baby Pact’ ETH Movie Premiere

Posted: Jun 18, 2022 9:00 AM

The excitement was palpable and the anticipation was evident.

Then a huge black limo pulled up, stars emerged, fans grabbing phones and cameras played for position on the red carpet, and Edmond Town Hall hosted its first-ever big movie premiere on the 8th. June with around 200 residents and celebrities. turned out for the first American screening of Matt Berman The marriage pact 2 – The baby pact.

The event, hosted by Newtown resident Marianne Grenier, was a fundraiser for the theater, with proceeds going toward a possible upgrade to the facility’s sound system.

With the film’s international premiere screening days earlier at the Cannes Film Festival in his rear view mirror, Berman was all smiles and hugs as he refocused on the Town Hall Theatergoers who had arrived early to rub elbows and enjoy snacks and drinks as a major representation of the film’s cast chatted and clowned around a bit in front of a photo backdrop located just north of the building’s courtyard.

Among those who took pictures and happily greeted and even a few cheery young fans were stars Haylie Duff, a towering Quinton Aaron (The blind side), Heather McComb (Ray Donovan), Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Kelly Perine (Squad of Knights) and Scott Michael Campbell (Shameless).

As showtime approached, everyone made their way to the dimly lit theater to hear some welcoming remarks from Berman, who brought up Marianne Grenier, a friend and Newtown resident. It was Grenier who helped orchestrate the large-scale premiere event, after a smaller Berman premiere from a previous project, Handlingin 2019.

During the film, viewers laughed and gasped for the appropriate moments, and for the most part sat glued to the screen until the final credits rolled and applause filled the air.

In the days that followed, Grenier learned that the first night raised more than $3,700 for the Edmond Town Hall nonprofit’s improvement fund.

As this installment in his litany of images is now available for public consumption in theaters and on various streaming platforms, in a follow-up to The Newtown Bee On June 9, suggesting the writer/director consider Newtown as the location for a future film, Berman’s quick and direct response was, “I might!”

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Attendees move around as cast members of The Wedding Pact 2 – The Baby Pact – from left, Haylie Duff, Quinton Aaron, Heather McComb, Kelly Perine, Scott Michael Campbell and Chase Masterson – are pictured with the screenwriter / director Matt Berman June 8 after arriving for the film’s national premiere at the Edmond Town Hall Theatre. —Pictures of bees, Voket

Movie stars Quinton Aaron and Kelly Perine step out of a stretch limo which has taken them, along with several other stars and personalities representing The Wedding Pact 2 – The Baby Pact, to a nationwide fundraising premiere and screening at Edmond Town Hall on June 8, as writer/director Matt Berman introduces co-star Murphy.

Among the more than 150 attendees at the Baby Pact fundraiser and film premiere on June 8 were Newtown “First Lady” Meri Rosenthal, first selector Dan Rosenthal, event organizer Marianne Grenier, Meg Soto, Judy DuBois, Julie McGrath Dun and Tracy King.

Baby Pact writer/director Matt Berman stands in front of the Edmond Town Hall Theater stage, welcoming around 150 attendees to a celebrity-studded premiere of the film on June 8. And while one of the film’s “stars” stayed in Berman’s vehicle for most of the evening, he gave in to The Newtown Bee’s request to meet Murphy, who plays a central role in the family film. .

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