Tales of the Walking Dead episode 2 Blair/Gina: an apocalyptic deja vu

The second episode of Tales of the Living Dead“Blair/Gina” is an episode that distorted reality and pushed the creative limits of The Walking Dead universe. As an anthology series, Tales of TWD has the freedom to take creative risks and come up with new and innovative ways to tell the stories set in an apocalyptic setting.

This article contains spoilers for Tales of the Walking Dead “Blair/Gina”.

The episode introduced many new characters, many of whom viewers have no idea what became of them, but they may reappear in a later season if the series is renewed. But, it was a fantastic episode that followed Blair (Parker Posey) and Gina (Jullian Bell) as they are introduced to the outbreak and learn to come up with a survival plan as they attempt to escape the city ​​of Atlanta as the outbreak unfolds.

They keep reliving the same events over and over again, groundhog day, as they try to find a better ending to their story. They usually end up exploding from the tanker full of gas, but each time they learn something new about the apocalypse and about themselves as well.

Other cast members include Matt Medrano as Brian, Kevin L. Johnson as Joel, Patrick Donohue as Simon, VK as Jasmine, Ameer Baraka as Leo Rogers, William J. Simmons as Wendell, and Keith Adams as Oil Tanker Driver.

Tales of the Living Dead

Showrunner Channing Powell, director Michael Stratezmis, and writer Kari Drake deserve all the praise for bringing TWDU an episode unlike anything we’ve seen before. And to the cast for executing it in a way that kept us glued to our screens to find out what happened in the end.

It’s time to shake things up and useTales of the Living Dead to its full potential by bringing exciting new stories to the fandom. The Walking Dead The series has been on the air for 12 years, and in that time things have occasionally gotten stale. So why not use an anthology series like Tales of the Living Dead push the boundaries of what has already been and make something unique?

Admittedly, this episode won’t be for everyone, but don’t let that cloud your opinion for the remaining episodes of Season 1 of Tales of the Living Deadbecause there are other great things to come.

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