Tell us about it in 10: Sam & Mark’s On The Road Show

In our profile series, Tell Us In 10, we ask the cast members and creators of London’s top shows to tell us about themselves in just 10 questions. And because we’ve got some great shows in Kids Week 2021, we’re going to give you the chance to find out more about the people behind them in a special Kids Week Tell Us In 10 series.

On today’s Tell Us In 10 show, we chat with Sam and Mark from Sam & Mark’s On The Road Show, who are playing at the Underbelly Festival in Cavendish Square until August 14.

Children’s television royalties Sam and Mark, as seen in CBBC’s Big Friday Wind Up, Copycats and Crackerjack are excited to join the highly anticipated lineup of the 2021 Underbelly Festival.

Learn more about Sam and Mark and this brilliant Kids Week show…

1. My role is …

Sam: TV presenter, actor and artist

Mark: TV presenter, actor and host

2. What I like most about my roles is…

Sat : See people laugh in the audience and have a good time.

Mark: Make people laugh. It really is a nice feeling to make people happy and something that I want to do for the rest of my life.

3. What I like least about my role is…

Sat : Being away from home sometimes because I miss my family but I really can’t complain. I am also often at home.

Mark: Learning the script is really hard for me so the rehearsal is not my favorite part. However, this is probably the most important because Sam and I like our shows to look chaotic, but it has been repeated to the point where we know what we’re doing and what’s next… .usually anyway.

4. The show is perfect for families this summer because…

Sat : It can be enjoyed by all ages. Hope this is the kind of show the whole family is talking about on the way home in the car.

Mark: The kids will enjoy the physical comedy and the silly dancing and I hope the adults will enjoy the fact that they are also involved on stage. We love to be interactive with our audience while they are doing the show.

5. I think Children’s Week is a great initiative because…

Sat : Anything that interests children and excites them is a good thing.

Mark: Because the wonder of a live performance should be experienced by everyone, especially young people.

6. My earliest memories of theater are …

Sat : Panto. We were going there as a family on Boxing Day.

Mark: When I was 7, I went to see the Panto at the Great Theater in Wolverhampton and was blown away by its beauty and the freshness of the sets.

7. I always knew / didn’t know that I wanted to work in the theater…

Sat : I always played a lot as a kid and did pantos in school and was in a band so I always knew I loved playing but I didn’t think it would end by being my job.

Mark: I knew I wanted to work in the entertainment industry but I didn’t know which part. It’s only now that I’m a little older that I have the comedy and stage performance bug and that’s something I can’t live without.

8. The only thing I wish I could tell my young self is …

Sat : Don’t worry so much. Things are still working out.

Mark: Work hard and try not to put too much pressure on yourself…. you’re doing well.

9. In my free time, I like …

Sam: Cook and grow my own fruits and vegetables

Mark: Watch football, play with my kids and walk the dog.

10. If I could have super power for a day, I would choose …

Sat : I wish I could snap my fingers and be anywhere in the world. It would save so much time!

Mark: The ability to fly is a seniority but an asset. Being able to travel anywhere without having to wait… glorious.

So whether your kids already know and love Sam and Mark, or you’re just looking for a show for the whole family, this show is for you. And, since the show is in children’s week, you can get half-price tickets to see this show as a family in August. Reserve your tickets now.

From teen shows and iconic musicals to something for the whole family, there’s plenty to offer this week for the kids, so if you’d like to see what’s available, hit the button below.

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