Thank you, Mike Madigan, for showing me when it’s time to give up ship on party loyalty

Reading the newspaper today, I realized how grateful I am to Mike Madigan.

It is only through his character, demeanor and attitudes towards governance that I can know without a doubt that I care more about my city, state and our democracy than my membership in my. left.

Previously, I believed – but I couldn’t know for sure – that I would do what I advise others to do: abandon your party’s candidate when that candidate is clearly unfit for a position. Republicans have had to do just that for many years now, but have largely been unable to do so, sacrificing their humanity and honor on the altar of party loyalty.

Today I realized that I could and would quickly break the ties that hold me back in the Democratic Party to vote against Mike Madigan. Although I am not in a position to do so, any Democrat who can but does not, who continues to tolerate intimidation, illegality and other outrageous offenses out of misplaced loyalty or fear towards their party , is clearly more concerned with his own hold on power than making the right moral choice.

Jan Gleiter, West Ravenswood

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A letter to Wisconsin

Let me give a big thumbs up to the author of the brilliant, warm, inviting and truly charming editorial from Wisconsin. This is what we have been desperately missing in our conversations for 3 years.

Thank you so much.

Rosemarie Sulek, Wildwood

Kifowit gets my vote

Illinois has a new hero, the only person with enough courage to run against Mike Madigan for the Illinois House speaker, and her name is Stephanie Kifowit. “Many of my colleagues fear retaliation, coercion, intimidation, not only from President Madigan but also from his allies,” said the four-term state representative and former Navy.

She has my vote !! But wait, we’re not going to vote. Only the corrupt and spineless Springfield shills can do this. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Scot Sinclair, Third Lake

Preserve democracy, not power

We have learned since 2017 how our government and electoral systems operate on an honor system. We now know that reparations are needed because an honorless villain can ignore previous norms, even break laws and, in essence, say, “What are you going to do about it?” Because he controls a large part of the means of execution.

While we still have a democracy to preserve, Republicans at the national level must be defeated. As long as they are in power, especially as long as they are in the presidency, they will see the reform as an erosion of their power. They know they don’t have the voices to maintain power if everything is level.

They will only cooperate when they see the reform as a limitation for their opponents. It is up to those of us who value our democracy to put them in that position.

Curt Fredrikson, Mokena

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