The 12 best Tom Hardy movies ranked

“Layer Cake” is best known as the starting point for writer-director Matthew Vaughn and star Daniel Craig. With “Layer Cake”, Vaughn announced himself as a distinctively frenzied style filmmaker. After his first major lead role, Craig landed the role of James Bond. However, many others were instrumental in making “Layer Cake” an instant classic, including Hardy, who delivers a memorable performance as drug dealer Clarkie.

“Layer Cake” revolves around the exploits of career criminal XXXX (Craig), whose planned retirement from smuggling is interrupted when he is caught up in a conspiracy involving the daughter of a Mafia boss and several missing expeditions. Like XXXX, Clarkie also wishes to get out of the violent world. In Clarkie’s case, however, her failure is played out for a dark comedy.

Even though his screen time is relatively brief, Hardy is captivating, helping to find the unique blend of action and humor that defines Vaughn’s style. Hardy follows both the frantic shootouts and the cutting edge dialogue, remaining charismatic throughout. Craig is a magnetic artist, but Hardy never seems eclipsed, and their interaction adds extra tension to the already hectic world of “Layer Cake”.

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