‘The Crown’ stirs uproar over facts against entertainment


Mr. Neil, who has become a broadcaster and publisher, is not a reflective advocate of the royal family. Suspicious of the British class system, he said he had sympathies for the Republican movement in the 1980s. But he grew to admire the way the Queen modernized the monarchy after the upheavals of those years and criticized renegade royals, like Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan.

Events involving Mr Neil took place: The Queen became frustrated with Mrs Thatcher when she refused to join the 48 other members of the British Commonwealth in supporting sanctions against the apartheid regime in South Africa. This highly unusual clash spread in public when The Sunday Times published its front page report, attributed to palace officials, which said the royal family viewed Ms Thatcher as “indifferent, confrontational and socially confrontational”.

But Mr Neil took issue with several elements of the ‘Crown’ narrative, including the fact that Buckingham Palace made the Queen’s press secretary, Michael Shea, the scapegoat for the incident. The show shows he was fired for leaking the story, although it suggests he did so at the Queen’s request. There is no evidence of this, Mr Neil said, but it does fit with Mr Morgan’s “left agenda”.

“He gets to portray Thatcher as an ally of apartheid while the Queen is the kind of person who gets rid of staunch minions when things go wrong, even when they’re just following his orders,” Mr. Neil.

The brickbats don’t just come from the right.

Simon Jenkins, columnist for the Left Guardian, sees royals as artifacts of celebrity culture unrelated to a country struggling with real-world challenges like Brexit. “They are practically gone,” he said. “They are like anthropomorphized figures of a head of state.”

Yet he, too, is irritated by the way “The Crown” portrayed the events of the 1980s, when, as political editor of The Economist, he wrote about how Prince Charles had been drawn to the late Party. social democrat. (He based the report on an unofficial interview with the Prince.) Mr Jenkins said that because this season of “The Crown” is about contemporary history and the people still alive, his freedoms with the facts are less. a case of artistic license than an example of “fake news”.


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