The Freddy Awards appealed to reviewers, with hopes of a return to the traditional ceremony in 2022

While the last two years of the Freddy Awards have been anything but normal due to COVID-19, the State Theater in Easton is once again preparing to begin the high school theater awards cycle.

The theater called for reviewers for this year’s program which honors the best in musical theater from local high schools. Applications and job information are available on Freddys’ website, The deadline to apply is September 21. Currently, the 2022 Freddy Awards ceremony is scheduled for May 26.

That’s not to say that a traditional Freddy in the spring of 2022 is inevitable – the theater’s CEO, Shelley Brown, said they did the same around the same time last year (and every year). ) despite much more uncertainty surrounding the possibility of even having high school performance to assess.

Building a team of evaluators is only the first step. The Freddy team then contacts the schools in the area with a simple question. “We ask the schools’ are you planning to do a musical? “, Said Brown. “They tell us yes or no, they tell us what it is if they know it, and if they don’t know, they say ‘to be determined’.

“I guess we’ll get a bunch of ‘TBD’,” she said.

Brown and Team Freddy are unaware of the status of high school theater and choir groups at the start of the school year in person, and a decision will likely not be made until later in the fall or early in the year. winter. The “Freddy season” begins around February, and it’s unclear what the COVID-19 situation might look like. But they will set up their team of assessors after the September 21 application deadline, and whatever happens, “we’ll be ready,” she said.

Ideally, the program can feature a traditional awards ceremony in 2022. In 2020 and 2021, the Freddy Awards were less of an awards show than a showcase for high school students. In May of this year, the show featured musical performances at the State Theater (and on its rooftop), but these were rehearsed and recorded by area students in the weeks leading up to the broadcast, rather than compilations of a theater. musical for a month. season.

The next Freddy Awards will be a bit more noticeable, as it’s the 20th anniversary of the program, which started in 2003. It’s a big deal, and Brown feels a certain desire and urgency to celebrate the milestone with. a traditional ceremony, but it is not. his main concern.

“We will happily celebrate our 20th birthday,” she said, “but more importantly, we just want to bring these kids back to that stage. We want them to return to their stages, and then eventually to ours. more importantly, they get the theater experience.

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