The innovative election monitoring app set to redefine transparency in the upcoming elections

2023 is just around the corner and that just means the Nigerian general election is just around the corner. The technology has penetrated several sectors and again it is ready to touch the electoral aspect of the country. Renowned innovative tech entrepreneur – Khalil Halilu, founder of headquartered in Abuja, has launched another invention – a unique and innovative app that is sure to change the narrative when it comes to voting exercise, before , during and after the elections.

Introducing the Zabe 2.0 election monitoring app.

The first edition of the Zabe was massively successful and proved to be an extremely useful tool in previous elections, registering only a 3% difference compared to the results of the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Zabe played a pivotal role in the 2019 Nigerian general elections as a civic tool to deepen democratic participation and enforce electoral transparency. This further ensured that the electoral process was fair and credible. The Zabe 2.0 election monitoring app is launched on the success of its predecessor and provides an even faster and better method of collating results and infusing transparency into the entire election process.

But what exactly does the Zabe app do?

Zabe is a community-based data mining system that uses crowdsourced frameworks to provide transparency in governance and elections. What Zabe does can be described as community journalism. The Zabe election monitoring tool was designed to be the first application that collects data for election monitoring, using artificial intelligence in Nigeria.

Diligently built and innovatively structured by experts with over 35 years of combined experience in creating technology solutions that are local and tailored to the unique African terrain, Zabe continues to impress everyone with every test. One of its features, for example, is offline functionality for low coverage areas.

This effective election monitoring and reporting system has been designed to allow the average citizen to report from their community what happens before, during and after the election and live statistics show the probability of winning and losing for different left at different times.

The Zabe 2.0 arrives just in time as an upgrade to the hit Zabe app. The Zabe 2.0 includes better accuracy in its state-of-the-art data collection and processing system. Designed and delivered just in time for the 2023 General Elections in Nigeria, Zabe 2.0 remains the first, best and only election monitoring system that delivers on all its promises. The app is custom designed to allow flexibility of feature modules and integration with the existing situation room structure.

With all eyes on the upcoming election, there’s no better time to explore the features of such a nifty app. In fact, it has been said that downloading the Zabe 2.0 app is the immediate next step after getting your PVC. “We are very intentional about this program, bringing key experiences, lessons and insights from Zabe 1.0,” said one of the developers in a recent interview.

The system leverages the latest data collection, processing and sharing technologies with new and added functionality to simplify election processes and empower as many people as possible. There is also a resource center for voter education and information sharing to help further decentralize the acquisition of information, before, during and after the electoral process. “We have incident reports as well as a contact center for safety reports.” – One of the developers explained in more detail.

With more than 12 years of experience in building electoral tools across Africa, through numerous elections at different levels…and with the collaboration of stakeholders in the implementation of this program, Khalil Halilu promised that Zabe 2.0 will raise the bar for election transparency in Africa. .

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