The Mary Rose Museum will offer a new immersive 4D theater experience telling the story from the time of Henry VIII to today

During the week of the 40th anniversary of the raising of Henry VIII’s flagship, the Mary Rose Trust today announced its biggest expansion since the opening of the purpose-built museum on the site of the historic dockyards in 2013.

The 4D Experience, 1982 – Dive the Mary Rose, will open in the spring of 2023 to showcase the untold story of the discovery, excavation and recovery of the Mary Rose. The images will come to life through the smells, sounds and movements of the farm, with visitors fitted with 3D glasses and computer graphics used to optimize the experience.

It will tell the crucial stories of everyone who helped bring the Mary Rose to the surface of the Solent, acting as a lasting legacy for the hundreds of people involved in the world’s largest underwater excavation and recovery.

1982 – Dive The Mary Rose is a new immersive experience coming Spring 2023

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The raising of the Mary Rose in Portsmouth is marked on the occasion of the 40th anniversary with…

Dominic Jones, CEO of Mary Rose Trust, said: “Never in the history of Mary Rose Trust have we undertaken such a monumental expansion. We are incredibly proud to announce that in the spring of 2023, we will be launching this cutting-edge technological innovation to help bring the fascinating story of Mary Rose into modern times. It’s a world-class immersive experience not to be missed.

“I cannot thank everyone who has supported us enough to get to where we are today, from the National Heritage Memorial Fund and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, to individuals, businesses and donors. . Our continuing vision is to maintain the legacy of Mary Rose and its collection as a premier museum. This expansion will kick off next year with us doing just that.

The trust has teamed up with Figment Productions to work on the experience. The cutting-edge digital media production company has worked with brands including the National Trust, Royal Opera House and Legoland.

Simon Reveley, CEO of Figment Productions, added: “This immersive cinematic experience will use sensory effects, 3D visuals and, most importantly, an authentic, captivating and thrilling true story. We will offer customers a whole new perspective of the Mary Rose. We want visitors to feel like they played their part in this historic moment in 1982.’

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