The Russell Community Theater returns with shows in November

The Russell Community Theater returns with shows in November


Russell Community Theater

RUSSELL – After a year of delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RCT will present its 100th production, “Living Together,” November 2-6.

RCT presented its first production, “God’s Favorite”, in 1986 and 98 comedies, musicals, dramas and mysteries followed over the next three decades. “Living Together”, originally planned as the last show of the 2020 season, welcomes guests back to the RCT Playhouse and the world of live theater in November.

“Vivre ensemble” is one of Alan Ayckbourn’s three plays collectively called “Les conquêtes normandes”. RCT presented “Table Manners” in 1990 and “Round and Round the Garden” in 2002. The plays are at times wildly comical, and at times poignant, in their depictions of the relationships between the six characters: Norman and his wife Ruth (Bob Roe and Sheryl Krug); the brother of Ruth Reg and his wife Sarah (Kiefer Craig and Monica Harrison); Ruth’s sister, Annie (Teressa Roe); and Annie’s next door neighbor, Tom (Alan Templeton).

The cast of "Live together": Alan Templeton, Monica Harrison, Sheryl Krug, Teressa Roe, Kiefer Craig, Bob Roe
The cast of “Living Together”: Alan Templeton, Monica Harrison, Sheryl Krug, Teressa Roe, Kiefer Craig, Bob Roe

In “The Norman Conquests”, Annie lives in a country house taking care of her demanding mother, and decided that she needed a weekend off. Reg and Sarah have agreed to come take care of Annie and Reg’s mother for a weekend while Annie goes on a little trip. However, Annie secretly plans to meet Norman, her sister Ruth’s charming and libertine husband, for an illicit weekend together (something Annie has never done before and is unsure of). However, things take a turn for the worse when Norman arrives home early to pick up Annie against the plan, and everyone is left home for the whole weekend. Various arguments ensue as the characters have different degrees of understanding of what is really going on.

The action of “Table Manners” took place in the kitchen while “Round and Round the Garden” took place in the garden. “Living Together” is played out in the midst of it all, with entrances to the garden, front yard, kitchen and the rest of the house.

Carol Dawson, one of the original founders and members of RCT, directed “Table Manners” and “Round and Round the Garden”. Crystal Craig, a veteran RCT volunteer, directs “Living Together” and awards Dawson the title of Honorary Director of RCT’s 100th Production.

“Live theater requires flexibility, cooperation, creativity and compromise under the best of circumstances,” said Craig. “With the pandemic, RCT’s resilience has been put to the test, but we’re proud to say we’re ready to come back on stage.”

Performances are Tuesday through Saturday, November 2-6, at the RCT Playhouse (Fifth and Kansas, Russell). The show time is 8:00 p.m. Admission is $ 12 or by subscription.

“Living Together” is written by Alan Ackybourn and presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

For more information, call 785-483-4057. Please find us on Facebook.

Russell Community Theater is a non-profit theater company in Russell, Kansas. The sole purpose of RCT is to produce theater for the community and the surrounding area. Entirely run by volunteers, RCT is financially supported only through entrance tickets and gifts from those who support community theater.


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