The Witcher Season 2 hits back at your S1 timeline complaints

Season 2 of The Witcher hilariously takes a look back at some of Season 1’s most common audience reviews, including the infamous Multiple Timelines.

by netflix The witcher takes Season 1’s criticism much better than Dandelion when his barding skills come under close scrutiny. The witcher Season 1 has performed extraordinarily well for Netflix. Hailed as a worthy adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and directed by a Henry Cavill perfectly interpreted as Geralt of Rivia, The witcher has been widely acclaimed for its combat sequences, colorful characters, and detailed world-building. And with Netflix, not only the entry into service of seasons 2 and 3, but also a pair of prequels (The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare and The Witcher: Origin of Blood), The witcher season 1 can’t have gone too badly at all.


Still, Geralt’s live-action debut did not escape criticism. The witcher Season 1 sadly featured multiple timelines, but with little to tell them apart. There was the present day, the past shortly before Ciri was born and the distant past where Yennefer trained to be a witch. Encompassing 40 years, the distinction was not immediately obvious to those unfamiliar with the books, and sparked some interesting family debates on Christmas Day in December 2019. Season 2 confirms this. The witcher has heard your complaints – and has something to say about them.

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In The witcher Season 2, Episode 4 (“Redanian Intelligence”) Dandelion is recognized by a dock worker who claims to be a big fan of the bard. Dandelion enjoys the ego boost and they exchange pleasantries before the musician boards his boat. But the dock worker has them too, uh … Feedback for Dandelion. Hilariously, these comments all sync up with the criticisms that the target audience The witcher after disembarking from Season 1.

Critique of the meta dock in Witcher

According to the Riverside reviewer, Dandelion’s song was “a little complicated … brought me to the fourth verse to understand that there were different timelines.“This line of gushing drinks refers to the number The witcher viewers didn’t realize the season 1 storyline was split into 3 timelines until episode 4, and the approach – although innovative – ended up complicating things by trying to be too smart. Dandelion’s review doesn’t stop there either, continuing, “That magic kiss? It was a bit cheap“in a devious nod to Season 1, Episode 6 where Yennefer bolsters Geralt’s magical abilities by slapping one on his lips. Fans have accused the scene of feeling cheesy, contrived and, indeed, cheap. , and the episode’s writer (Haily Hall) expressed her own regrets about performing the kiss. Finally, the overly talkative fan is bragging, “I spotted the dragon revealing a mile away. “This farewell plan relates to The witcher The “Rare Species” of Season 1 where a twisted ending reveals that Geralt’s dragon hunting companion was the beast itself from the start.

Dandelion finally applauds, shouting: “If YOU could write a little song, you could sing whatever you want – but you can’t, can you?“The answer can’t help but sound like a playful jab at those who called The witcherthe faults of season 1 – “you try to adapt a dense fantasy novel series into a live Netflix show! “Some points were valid (the confusion in the timeline, the cheap kiss), while other crimes were not as bad as the media social claims. The revelation of the dragon is not less emotional to guess the turn in advance, for example.

Either way, the Dandelion Quay feud in The witcher season 2 is a perfect, witty acknowledgment of these real-life issues. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (showrunner) holds hands over Season 1’s (relatively minor) flaws, while lending a touch of daring through Dandelion’s mouth. Few series would have the audacity to attempt such a fourth-wall-breaking exchange (especially in a fantasy series), but The witcher finds the perfect balance between comedy, subtlety and self-awareness. If the public had not already forgiven The witcher for causing a chronological headache in season 1, they surely have it after this unusual gag.

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