Theater shows captivate art lovers in Kashmir Valley and bring cultural heritage to life

During the harsh winter months in Kashmir, theater has been something that has fascinated art lovers in the Union Territory for years. Kashmiris, despite the cold outside, went to town halls to enjoy the theater performances organized by the Actors Creative Theater (ACT) in collaboration with the Academy of Arts, Culture and Languages ​​of Jammu and Kashmir (JKAACL) with the aim of reviving the rich cultural heritage of the region. “It is our responsibility to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir. Theater plays an important role in Kashmiri culture and tradition. We try to preserve theatrical culture by organizing such events, ”said Dr Farooq Anwar Mirza, editor-in-chief of the Cultural Academy.

Theaters have been canceled in the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But this year, as the COVID-19 situation improved, authorities held cultural activities in the Tagore Hall in Srinagar, and people flocked in large numbers to watch the performances. “Our Kashmiri culture is eclipsed as young people are busy with other things like social media. Therefore, to preserve our culture, there should be more plays based on Kashmiri life,” Sheikh Mohsin said. Through theaters, the organizers try to portray the history of Kashmir and educate young people about the importance of theater. On top of that, theater performances have also helped people reduce the mental stress that is common after two years of the pandemic. “The theater is an escape for people from their daily and routine work. Therefore, it is necessary to organize theaters, ”said Barkat Kaur, a theater artist.

Theatergoers have come from different parts of the Valley to spend some quality time with their friends. “The authorities should organize more plays in the future,” added an audience. (ANI)

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