These are the worst performing school districts in North Carolina

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WNCN) – The North Carolina Department of Public Education released its list of worst performing schools and districts this week.

The state defines a low performing district as a district with more than 50 percent of its schools identified as low performing. A poorly performing school has an academic performance rating of “D” or “F” and a growth status of “satisfied” or “not achieved”, depending on the state.

In total, the state had nine poorly performing school districts.

The worst performing district was the innovative school district. The neighborhood is unique in that it has only one school. It was established in 2016. Its aim is to improve student outcomes in underperforming schools by removing these schools from their districts and bringing them under the control of the Innovative School District.

The second worst performing school was Weldon City Schools. It was one of the smallest school districts in the state with just four schools. Three of the four perform poorly. In the district, Weldon Elementary Global Academy and Weldon STEM High School Career Academies have been identified as “low performing recurrent schools”.

District name Days missed due to hurricane Florence Number of poorly performing schools Number of schools with an academic achievement score and growth % of poorly performing schools in the district
Innovative school district ten 1 1 100.0
Schools in the town of Weldon 2 3 4 75.0
Northampton County Schools 1.5 5 7 71.4
Scotland County Schools 12 7 ten 70.0
Tyrrell County Schools 4 2 3 66.7
Martin County Schools 2 4 7 57.1
Edgecombe County Public School 2 8 14 57.1
Robeson County Schools 18 22 39 56.4
Nash County Schools 0 13 24 54.2

For Wake County public schools, 16.6% of schools were identified as poor performing. In Durham, 22.4 percent of schools were identified as underperforming. In Cumberland County, 28.8 percent of schools were identified as underperforming.

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