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TIC Tac announcement this morning, it signed a new license agreement with Sony Music Entertainment (SME) that will allow the abbreviated video app to continue to offer songs by Sony Music artists for use by creators on its platform. The deal will also see the companies teaming up to promote Sony artists, TikTok said.

The terms of the agreement were not specified. But the expanded deal will give the TikTok creator community access to sound clips from the catalog of current hits, new releases, emerging favorites, iconic classics and deep cuts from Sony Music, TikTok noted in its announcement. .

Without going into detail, the company also said it would work with Sony to support “higher levels of personalization and creativity from TikTok users” and “create new forward-looking opportunities for fan engagement with TikTok users. artists and music from PME “.

This could indicate that companies can work together on promotional efforts that go beyond just showcasing Sony music videos – perhaps, something like hashtag campaigns or branding effects that will allow for better discovery of Sony. music or fan connections.

TIC Tac had already entered into short-term licensing agreements with Universal, Sony and Warner earlier this year, reports said. This had given labels more time to work out the details of their agreements with TikTok without having to remove their music from the platform in the meantime.

According to a Billboard report, TikTok will now pay Sony a “significant increase” from its previous rights agreement. TikTok has yet to announce similar expanded deals with other major labels yet.

Although TikTok eventually had to increase its payouts to labels, it is not without bargaining power. The video application, on the other hand, brings a proven ability to climb the rankings and even build careers for new artists.

Nielsen said last year that no other emerging app has helped smash more songs than TikTok. He then highlighted the most listened to demand song of the year, “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, as well as “Sweet But Psycho” by Ava Max and “Slow Dancing in the Dark” by Joji as examples. of the marketing power of TikTok.

Billboard also noted today that TikTok has helped generate successes from Sony artists like Doja Cat (“Say So”) and 24kGoldn (“Mood”), and has helped Sony discover new talent. Columbia, for example, signed viral artists from TikTok including Lil Nas X, Powfu, StaySolidRocky, Jawsh 685, Arizona Zervas and 24kGoldn, according to the report.

The new Sony deal, meanwhile, will encompass artists like Vampire Weekend, Harry Styles, Michael Jackson and others.

Linked to the power of TikTok, Spotify just launched a new promotional marketing tool today for artists which allows them to better capitalize on TikTok trends. His exit came shortly after Incredibly Uploaded Viral TikTok Video Fleetwood Mac’s classic hit “Dreams” climbs the charts to number 1 on Spotify and Apple Music.

In addition to its ability to make hits, TikTok today hinted at its power to help performers reach fans in the midst of a pandemic when their ability to host concerts in person is limited.

Sony, in a statement, also praised TikTok’s ability to drive discovery.

“Short-lived music videos have become an exciting new part of the music ecosystem that contributes to the overall growth of music and the way fans experience it,” said Dennis Kooker, President, Global Digital Business and US sales for Sony Music Entertainment. “TikTok is a leader in this field and we are delighted to partner with them to foster the discovery of music, expand opportunities for creativity and support the careers of artists,” he added.

TikTok has been on a roll in recent months, having also added music from Prince, George michael, John lennon and others before the agreement with Sony.

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