Vote for the MIDI Innovation Awards 2022

Vote for the MIDI Innovation Awards 2022

100+ entries in 5 categories 02/05/22

Voting is now open for the 2022 MIDI Innovation Awards organized by Prizes and bragging rights are to be awarded in the following categories: Commercial Software (22 entries), Commercial Hardware (31 entries), Non-Commercial Software/Prototype (24 entries), Non-Commercial Hardware/Prototype (25 entries), and Art /Visual project or installation (6 entries). The winners of each category will participate in the final on May 28:

From May 1-14, you can select three entrants from each category to be finalists for the May 28 MIDI Innovation Awards broadcast on

When you vote, you do not have to vote in all categories, but in any category in which you vote, you must select three participants.

By clicking on the links below, you will see all the participants for that particular category.

On May 15, three finalists will be selected in each category by weighting 50% of the public vote and the judges’ vote.

Submit your vote on the awards website:

About the Author [midierror]: midierror makes crafty Max for live innovative devices music equipmentprime sample packs and hosts a Podcast talk to people about the music world.

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