Watch Dopapod’s “Fannie” Debut at the Mr. Smalls Theater in Pittsburgh [Video]

Watch Dopapod’s “Fannie” Debut at the Mr. Smalls Theater in Pittsburgh [Video]

Dopapod Tuesday shared pro-shot footage from the group’s live debut of “Fannie,” recorded at Mr. Smalls Theater in Pittsburgh, PA on January 29. The single, released earlier this month, will appear on the band’s upcoming self-titled album, which will be released on May 27.

“Fannie” appeared in both slots of the second set, coming out of the frame opening “Grow”. Emerging from the ethereal end-of-jam soundscape, guitarist Rob Compa warned the audience that the band was going to try out a new track, “It’s just for you guys, you’re the first to hear it.”

Thanks to technology, however, all of Dopafam can take advantage of the strange new composition, which has floated in some Floydian territories before Eli Winderman broke it on the clavinet. Compa remained an active participant in the extended narrative with his David Gilmour guitar strokes. An experience of delayed gratification, “Fannie” proved to be a slow-burning second set in Dopapod’s ever-growing catalog.

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Watch Dopapod’s “Fannie” debut at the Mr. Smalls Theater in Pittsburgh on January 29, plus the studio version set to appear on Dopapod later this month. The album is available here for pre-order along with a variety of roll-and-move board game merchandise packs built into the vinyl jacket.

Dopapod – “Fanny” – 01/29/22

Setlist: Dopapod | Mr. Smalls Theater | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | 01/29/22

Set 1: Hey Zeus! (Que Tal?)* > Plaese Haalp, Time is Funny, My Elephant Vs Your Elephant, Live in the Dream -> Freight Train -> Jock Jams% -> Freight Train^ > Braindead

Set 2: Grow > Fannie# > Sonic, Super Bowl, Starfish, 23 Forever+, Bubble Brain -> It’s such a good feeling = -> Bubble Brain

Again: Nerds

* contained the Sunshine of Your Love (Cream) intro from the album version; also contained the Life in the Fastlane tease
%contained You’re all ready for it and we love to party by Venga Boys
^ content We like to party tease
#new song; start
+ contained Big Bottom (Spinal Tap) teasing; Chuck came into the crowd and sang, then Rob and Chuck huddled on stage
=from Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood

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