Watch: Elderly Ukrainian couple yelled and chased armed Russian soldiers who broke into their property

The US Embassy in Kyiv shared surveillance video Friday showing an elderly Ukrainian couple screaming and chasing a group of Russian soldiers.

The 2-minute video was posted on the Embassy’s Twitter account. “Today we salute this elderly couple, who stood up to three Russian soldiers,” reads the message.

The video shows three armed Russian soldiers approaching a door. One of the soldiers tries to push open the door. The soldiers keep pushing and rocking the door until it finally opens.

Guns drawn, they walk through the gate door and into the property, as seen in the video. Once inside the property, the soldiers begin to open more doors, appearing to check for people. As they move around the property, the dogs are heard barking. What appears to be the sound of a gunshot is also heard in the video.

Next, a bald man is seen walking into the camera frame towards the soldiers. He and a woman approach the soldiers and yell at them, the video shows. After a tense exchange, the couple escorts the soldiers home and closes the gate behind them.

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