Wesley Snipes says ‘New Jack City’ was originally ‘supposed to be the black godfather’

New Jack City made his film debut on March 8, 1991, 30 years ago on Monday, so leading man Wesley Snipes thought about it with Yahoo‘s Kevin Polowy, including the original vision of the crime drama.

“The original film was supposed to be the Black GodfatherSnipes said. “I guess you could say we got closer?

New Jack City centered around Nino Brown (Snipes), a powerful and power-hungry drug lord, and NYPD Detective Scotty Appleton (Ice-T) trying to bring him down as revenge for the murder of his mother by Brown. The cast also included Chris Rock, then 26, as a drug addict turned informant.

“I didn’t know who Ice-T was back then, actually,” Snipes added. “I knew rap, but mostly East Coast rap, and I thought the name Ice-T was a little weird, actually. From a New Yorker perspective. And it sounded kinda sweet. when I saw him, it was clear he wasn’t gentle. By any means. “

The cult classic was directed by Mario Van Peebles and co-written by Thomas Lee Wright and Barry Michael Cooper. In 2019, Deadline‘s Anthony D’Alexandre reported that Warner Bros. restarted New Jack City with actor and writer Michael M. Mays at the helm. Snipes reiterated to Polowy that he turned down the opportunity to reprise his role because he “didn’t particularly like the idea of ​​recreating the drug culture.”

Ironically, Snipes recently starred alongside Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in a highly anticipated reboot as General Izzi in Coming 2 America, which hit Amazon Prime Video last Friday.

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