Where is the abandoned Lost Lament bunker? Know the details

Destiny 2 has gained popularity due to its amazing game interface and challenging missions. However, some missions are quite difficult to complete, and this is the reason why many players are wondering about The Lament Exotic Sword quest and how to complete it. But, in addition, players should be able to find an abandoned bunker in the Eventide ruins. Many players think that finding the abandoned Lost Lament bunker in Destiny 2 is easier than most challenges. Still, if you are asking yourself the same question then don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Where is the abandoned bunker in Destiny 2?

Players who complete The Lament Exotic Sword quest must find out where the Abandoned Bunker is located in Destiny 2, and for the same, they will need to spawn at the spawn point near Variks in Charon’s Crossing. From there, players will need to jump on the sparrow and start moving to the left of Varik’s little hideout. Continue straight along the road until you come to the tunnel. This tunnel will lead you to the ruins of Eventide.

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Once you reach the location mentioned above, you will find a massive building. This building has a small door on the side, and all you have to do is walk towards that door and then turn right. There you will notice a broken space in the wall. The wall is filled with icicles on top, so just jump up and into space, then drop to the other side.

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From there, start moving and you’ll head to the Eventide ruins area. Take a left of the huge building when you come from Cadmus Ridge. There is a door, open it and take the stairs, then turn left and jump into the hole and follow the tunnels to get to the abandoned bunker of Lost Lament E15. Make sure you know that the sector has a recommended power level of 1210. To complete the quest, go to the end of the bunker, kill the boss, then open the cache.

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