Which American A-listers also own vacation homes abroad?

American celebrities have sought to escape the glamor of Hollywood for decades, usually by heading to Europe for the summer or taking a quick getaway to the Caribbean. However, in the digital age, famous people no longer need to be leashed for meetings and networking. And with all that extra cash at your fingertips, what better way to spend it than buying a breathtakingly beautiful vacation home? More and more celebrities are moving to Europe and sometimes even further afield, often for romance and sometimes just for an extended break from the sometimes harsh glare of the American media spotlight.

For many household names, a place to relax overseas means a break from the American paparazzi and herds of fans. But there are plenty of other reasons to buy a piece of land overseas, too – in Lenny Kravitz’s case, he chose to do without a US residency altogether, and he now splits his own between the Bahamas, Paris and its sprawling Brazilian. estate, located just outside of Rio de Janeiro.

Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp are two stars who spent a lot of time in Europe for business and pleasure, so it’s no surprise that the two owned sprawling residences there. Fun Fact: Depp owns a small French village, though his current tax debt has given him a long mission to dump it and many of his other real estate.

And, of course, there are those who buy for love – Taylor Swift hasn’t been seen much in the US lately; she spent a lot of time in leafy Hampstead, north London, cooped up in a large rental residence with her beau, British actor Joe Alwyn. On the other hand, there are also those who bought when they were in love (like Angelina Jolie) but fell in love with their spouse and more in love with the surrounding countryside. That’s life!

From lakeside mansions, townhouses and estates to entire villages, America’s top celebrities are enjoying the best that international luxury living has to offer. Check out the gallery to find out who owns homes overseas.

Gallery Launch: Inside the Overseas Homes of Famous Faces

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