Why Antoine Fuqua directed The Guilty From Inside A Van

Antoine Fuqua’s The Guilty offers a new iteration of a modern thriller, but here’s why the director ran the project from inside a van.

Filming methods are more and more innovative, and here is how Antoine Fuqua took it to the next level by directing the guilty from inside a van. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the new crime thriller which hits Netflix on October 1, complete with voice cameos from other notable actors. Based on a 2018 Danish film of the same name, the storyline was reimagined in a new way by Nic Pizzolatto, the writer / creator of the HBO hit. Real detective. In addition to his writing, the manner the guilty materialized and also forged new ground.

The plot features Joe Baylor of Gyllenhaal, an LAPD officer who has been sidelined for a role as a 911 dispatcher. A normal shift takes an unexpected turn when a woman calls the line in great distress. His heartbreaking storyline stands out from other callers The guilty the main character has gotten used to it and is determined to help him survive in any way he can from his location.

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The gripping film takes viewers on a crazy psychological adventure, though it takes place (for the most part) in Baylor’s office. It’s easy to see how it was filmed while the coronavirus pandemic was still at its peak. But, interestingly, this was not the only component of the film directly influenced by the events related to COVID. The film was also made from inside a van. According to The Associated Press, director Antoine Fuqua (who is known for equally tense dramas like Training day, Equalizer, and another film directed by Jake Gyllenhaal, left-handed) “made the whole film from a van parked in the rue du plateau” after having a “close exposure to a person with COVID-19“Although he tested negative he still chose to protect the cast and crew from his absence and everyone did their best for an unprecedented time. In a recent interview with UPROXX, Fuqua even gave the impression that the terribly unfortunate turn of events of the pandemic was beneficial to The guilty production. After reading the script – who “hit“him, he said he had room in his schedule “because of the covid [lockdowns].Even so, the task still seemed daunting. Fuqua also admitted that the film crew were nervous about the way they were.were going to really succeed.

the 2021 culpable examination

Much like most other aspects of the world, the entertainment industry has been forced to get even more creative than usual during the height of the pandemic. Of course, it would have been better if the world had never experienced a pandemic in the first place. However, one of the bright spots of the past year and a half is how the artists and teams behind the art have really let their human resilience and problem-solving abilities shine through their work. A notable example was Bo Burnham’s most recent comedy special, Inside. As has been widely discussed and praised, the comedian wrote, directed, edited and produced the entire project himself. A little like the guilty, the innovative project received good reviews.

Another example was when NBC The blacklist wrapped up its seventh season by infusing it with animated versions of scenes that had yet to be shot when production ceased. True to its inherently creative form, the entertainment industry has truly risen to the occasion after COVID deviates the entire world from its course. As unfortunate as the pandemic has been, the refreshing and innovative art is often fashioned during intense unrest. This is certainly the case with the way the guilty, along with other shows and movies, have recently been shaped by ideas and put together as end products.

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  • The Guilty (2021)Release Date: Sep 24, 2021

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