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Actor-filmmaker Shreyas Talpade himself launched Nine Rasa, an OTT platform dedicated to theater and the performing arts.

As the world adapted to digitization, the live theater scene also rotated and moved online, something actor Shreyas Talpade believes is the need of the hour. The actor-filmmaker himself launched Nine Rasa, an OTT platform dedicated to theater and the performing arts.

“We started helping the theater community, but the response we’re getting for it has been amazing. People want to watch theater online. Young people… I thought only the older generation would be more inclined to watch theater, but it is the young people who are flocking to the online theater platform. I think online is everyone’s way of life, ”Talpade shares.

The 46-year-old, however, is quick to add that he understands that the live experience is second to none.

“The magic of live is different. But there are people who think we’ll be watching parts live when that happens, but for now they’re making the most of digital platforms. If the younger generation is doing it, I know I made the right decision, ”he explains.

Its OTT platform has “already shot almost 25 odd pieces at once” and is inspired to shoot more content.

Talpade believes that in the absence of a live theater stage, the younger population, who previously did not venture into theaters to watch plays, are now making a habit of watching plays online.

“Digital technology instills in them the habit of watching plays and also informs them about live theater. If you can’t go to the theater, then we bring the theater to you. And we will speak to them in the language that the youngest are comfortable with. If they’re comfortable with digital, so be it. The idea is to create an ecosystem for the theater, whether you do it online or through live performances, whatever, ”he continues,“ Ultimately, the theater is what has to stay alive and keep growing. It is our finest and finest art form. The content is different and that’s what young audiences need to know.

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