Yangtze Joint Stock of Fiber Optics and Cables: Green Data Center Empowers the Future | YOFC hosted the 2021 Data Center Solutions Launch Event

Yangtze Joint Stock of Fiber Optics and Cables: Green Data Center Empowers the Future |  YOFC hosted the 2021 Data Center Solutions Launch Event


On September 16, Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as “YOFC”, Stock Code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) hosted the Data Center Solutions Launch Event under the theme ” The Green Data Center Enables the Future ‘in the conference hall on the first floor of the South Hall of the Shenzhen World Congress and Exhibition Center during CIOE 2021. During the launch event, YOFC introduced customers to new data center products and solutions, a component of its diversification strategy, and launched new data center products and solutions.

More than 100 guests, including industry experts, strategic partners across China, customers and media friends, attended the launch event which was chaired by Mr. Zheng Xin, vice president of YOFC.

YOFC Senior Vice President Yan Changkun addressed the conference. The data center is developing as an important new infrastructure that underpins digital transformation in various industries against the backdrop of constantly evolving modern information technologies represented by 5G, industrial internet and big data etc. , and the wave of digitization. As a world leader in optical communication, YOFC has relied on its solid position in its core optical communication business to channel great efforts into diversified activities. When it comes to data centers, YOFC leverages its proven strength in technological innovation to develop high-end multimode fiber products, optical transceivers, micromodules and cabling products, and explore high-density, low-loss all-optical connectivity to gain ground in the area. These efforts have resulted in a series of products and solutions that help YOFC expand its presence in data centers.

The launch event was a success with the launch of new YOFC data center solutions in 2021.

In addition, many industry experts were invited to share their views on development trends, industrial applications, typical cases and the range of data center related products.

Kang Haohao, Internet Hardware Architect, Tencent

Discussions of structured cabling in the context of changing data center structure

In response to the demands of high-quality development to achieve “carbon neutrality”, Tencent explored renewable energy solutions in the operation of data centers through innovative practices such as the use of renewable energy, reducing PUE (Total Facility Power / IT Equipment Power) and improving energy efficiency. At the launch event, Kang Haohao shared his knowledge of the changing structure of data centers, the status quo and trends in structured cabling, and its industrial applications.

Liu Wenhao, Project Manager, Guangdong Telecom Engineering Co., Ltd.

Case of pre-connected cabling solutions for data centers

Driven by the development of cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things and AI, data centers are expected to gain in popularity. Referring to the successful case of the Guangzhou Mingmei data center, Liu Wenhao suggested that the use of pre-connected structured cabling solutions meets the requirements of users for a smooth upgrade of the transmission rate from 10G to 40G and above.

Tang Jinkuan, Deputy General Manager, Product and Solution Division, YOFC

YOFC Green Data Center Solutions

Today, digitalization has entered everyone’s life. Scenarios like 5G communication, advanced computing, internet of things, virtual reality and augmented reality keep improving, and digitization in many other application scenarios is accelerating as well. All of this poses more challenges for data centers. Harnessing the strength of technological innovations, YOFC has developed core competitiveness in data centers. A series of products and solutions including integration, integrated cabling, micro module and optical data center transceiver have been developed to help YOFC expand its presence in the data center. In addition, YOFC data center products and solutions have been applied in many projects such as the main data center of China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. and TV Peru and have proven to be successful.

Bo Shengwei, Deputy General Manager, Optical Transceiver Product Line, YOFC

YOFC Optical Transceiver Solutions

As China intensifies its efforts in building data centers, a huge demand for optical transceivers for data communication has been generated. YOFC has taken active steps to gain a foothold in optical devices and optical transceivers. With mature experience in R&D of optical devices and optical transceivers, YOFC strives to develop the R&D capability of vertical integration of all processes and production of optical transceivers to deploy a range Complete with optical transceivers in access network, wireless network, data center and transmission network application scenarios. During the launch event, YOFC officially launched the 400G Data Center Oriented Optical Transceiver on a par with the mainstream products available in the market. In addition, YOFC has expanded its presence in the areas of silicon photonics, OBO, CPO and other new technologies to better meet customer needs with integrated solutions.

Lan Xiaobo, Director, Business Innovation Center, YOFC

Next Generation Optical Interconnect Solutions for Data Centers

Driven by accelerated digital transformation and upscaling in various sectors, the data center is developing intensively, on a large scale and respectful of the environment. Long distance, high speed, high density and low cost hold the key to next-generation internal optical interconnects in data centers. YOFC developed the solution that maximizes network access density by integrating new optical fibers, high density optical cables, high density connectors and multi-conductor fiber optic transceivers. It shows enormous potential both in terms of technology and total cost. YOFC is ready to collaborate with various partners on the application of multicore fibers in the optical interconnects of data centers in order to intensify the optimization and the piloting of the associated schemes and to obtain win-win results.

In the future, guided by the mission of ‘Smart Link Better Life’, YOFC will continue its efforts of diversification, technological innovation and quality control related to the data center, and develop more high-quality products to help customers to strengthen their competitiveness to thrive in the new data age and help build next generation data centers.


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