Yes, Mel Gibson is “problematic”


Jodie Foster’s friendship with Mel Gibson has long intrigued moviegoers, who view the two-time Oscar winner as always acting with integrity, professionally and in her personal life.

Gibson, on the other hand, is “problematic,” as Foster herself acknowledged in a new interview this week. Gibson, 65, won an Oscar for directing and has appeared in popular and critically acclaimed films including “Braveheart” and the cop buddy films “Lethal Weapon”. Most recently, he received an Oscar nomination for directing the 2016 WWII film “Hacksaw Ridge”.

Gibson is also equally famous for his scandals involving documented ugly behavior. He was ostracized by the industry for about 10 years after being arrested for drunk driving in Malibu in 2006 and sparked an anti-Semitic rant. This arrest was followed by the capture of Gibson on leaked tapes in 2010, shouting the n-word and other racist epithets at his then-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. The Russian singer-songwriter and mother of one of Gibson’s nine children, also alleged he was physically abusive.

In June, Gibson was forced to deny claims of Winona Ryder that she heard him make anti-Semitic and homophobic comments at a party in Hollywood.

Throughout these scandals, Foster, 58, has remained loyal, she told Marc Maron for his WTF podcast.

“Yes, he’s a problematic person,” Foster said. “And he is warm, affectionate and loving and a very good friend.”

Plus, Foster said, he’s a “great actor and a deep, deep person,” saying, “I think that’s probably what has caused him so many problems in the past.”

Foster, who currently stars in the Guantanamo Bay legal drama “The Mauritanian,” has spent the past 10 years explaining her appreciation for Gibson, although she has also told Maron that she absolutely does not tolerate some of his worst. behaviours.

Part of Foster’s appreciation for the actor and director comes from his childhood, having mostly grown up on film sets, which were mostly populated by “complicated” men in the cast and crew. The men watched over her.

“It was just me, then sometimes a script supervisor and sometimes a makeup artist and sometimes the woman who played my mom,” Foster said. “Otherwise, it was me and a whole bunch of guys… and it was my brothers and my dads.” And then there were the directors and other actors that I worked with. I really like these guys who are complicated guys, and who (are not people) that everyone loves. I’m the sister who laughs at their jokes. I just love them. “

Foster said the hollywood reporter in 2011, she was drawn to Gibson’s “dark side” after getting to know him while working on the 1994 film “Maverick”.

“He’s not holy, and he’s got a big mouth, and he’ll do rude things your nephew would do,” Foster said. “But I knew the minute I met him that I would love him the rest of my life.”

In 2011, Foster was promoting her work with him in “The Beaver,” a film she directed about a depressed, alcoholic middle-aged executive who communicates through a glove puppet. At the box office, the film was considered a flop, and Time magazine said that IIt was hard to separate his premise – “a dark, sad domestic drama featuring an alcoholic in acute attack” – from Gibson’s real-life scandals.

Foster told The Hollywood Reporter that she knew Gibson “has problems (but) when you love someone you don’t just walk away when they’re in trouble.”

Foster echoed this sentiment to Maron when he jokingly asked if she and Gibson “buried a body together” to explain their continuing bond. She explained how she always told her college-aged sons that she would be the first to call the police if they did anything illegal.

“But I’m going to visit you in jail every day,” Foster said. “It’s not that I tolerate people’s behavior when they are wrong, but I can’t fail to love my children or my family (or friends). You don’t give up on people in their worst time of struggle. Instead, you reach out to try and teach them and help them become a better human. “


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